Nicola Innes

Professor Nicola Innes

I am a Paediatric Dentist, teacher and researcher. My work is focussed on improving the way we manage the disease dental caries: how can we be less invasive, how can we make it easier for people (especially children) to cope with, how can we make dental care more effective, affordable and accessible. I mainly work on clinical trials and systematic reviews. My nursing and dentistry background have given me a very patient-focussed outlook but I try to keep in mind the science behind what we do, and how oral health care could be improved for patients.

The specific areas I work in are:

  • Clinical trials testing different clinical management techniques for dental caries (my main area of interest here is in “sealing-in” caries, selective caries removal and the Hall Technique – what happens in terms of clinical and other outcomes?);
  • Patient (especially children’s) perceptions of the dental care we provide and how we can improve that - Child Friendly Dentistry;
  • Uptake of evidence by practitioners (how can we translate the evidence we produce to knowledge and then to action in dental practices);
  • Inequalities in dental care (such as dentistry for children with low access in countries such as Brazil and gypsy/ travellers)
  • Improving the standard of research produced within cariology; and
  • Systematic reviews related to cariology, paediatric dentistry and inequalities.

I have had an unusual career path, qualifying as a Registered General Nurse, working in neurosurgery in Edinburgh and gaining a BSc in Life Sciences from Napier University. I came to the University of Dundee, graduating in Dentistry in 1998, having also obtained an intercalated degree in Molecular and Cellular Pathology. I then spent a very enjoyable seven years as a general dental practitioner in Carnoustie and Forfar, before returning to join Child Dental Health at Dundee as a Lecturer. My PhD investigated the Hall Technique, a method for managing carious primary molars that is becoming widely used across the globe. As well as being Associate Editor of the Journal of Dental Research , I am Co-Associate Editor of the Evidence Based Dentistry Journal, I sit on the Scottish Dental Practice Based Research Network steering committee, a number of SDCEP and SIGN guidance development groups. I edit Wikipedia pages on Dentistry. I am currently Chief Investigator on the FiCTION Dental Trial (Fillings in Children’s Teeth; Indicated or Not), and am involved in Germany, Brazil, Lithuania, Australia and New Zealand based dental trials.

Ian Meyers

Professor Ian Meyers OAM

Professor Ian Meyers is a general dental practitioner and honorary professor at The University of Queensland School of Dentistry. Over the last thirty five years he has been involved in dental research, clinical dentistry, private practice, university and hospital based dental clinics. He is fellow of the International College of Dentists, Academy of Dentistry International, the Pierre Fauchard Academy, and the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons. Among his previous positions are the inaugural Colgate Chair of Dental General Practice Dentistry, Chief Dental Officer for Queensland Health, and President of the Queensland Branch of the Australian Dental Association. In January 2017 he commenced in the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Dental Association (Queensland).

Throughout his career as an academic, and as a clinical general dental practitioner, Ian Meyers has developed extensive experience in comprehensive patient care, diagnosis and management of worn and broken down dentition, geriatric and aged care dentistry, adhesive restorative dentistry and dental materials, and the management of patients through minimum intervention dentistry.

Hannah Burns

Dr Hannah Burns

Dr Hannah Burns completed a BSc at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand before moving to Brisbane to study medicine. She graduated from the University of Queensland, and completed her internship and residency at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. She undertook advanced specialty training in otolaryngology and gained her fellowship from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in 2008. The following year she spent 18 months at Evelina Children’s Hospital in London sub-specialising in paediatric ENT, with a special interest in airway disorders. Following her return to Brisbane she held appointments at both the Mater and Royal Children’s Hospitals. She is now a visiting medical officer at the newly opened Lady Cilento Children's Hospital (LCCH) in Brisbane and runs her own private practice. Dr Burns is an senior lecturer with the University of Queensland.

Working as part of a team, both at the LCCH and also within the Otolaryngology community at large, Dr Burns is involved in a wide range of projects.These involve supervising medical students and junior staff, as well as collaborating with other departments and specialist groups. In doing so she has presented papers, locally, nationally and internationally. The POSTA research group is a collaboration between ENT and Paediatric respiratory and Sleep Medicine, it aims to study the neurocogntive deficits of children with sleep disordered breathing. The results will provide pivotal information in regards to the indication and timing of adenotonsillectomy. Within the LCCH ENT department ongoing research continues to audit and examine airway surgery. A ten year tracheostomy audit has been completed and work continues looking at the epidemiology and treatment options for subglottic stenosis. Paediatric tonsillectomy analgesia is being studied. A nationwide survey of tonsillectomy analgesia has been presented at a recent meeting and we are now exploring the role of acupuncture as adjunct therapy. Other projects that are currently underway include; A review of ENT manifestations of Ehlers Danlos, Contemporary management of microcytic lymphangioma of the tongue, Paediatric laryngeal amyloid, A review of PTEN gene mutations and its ENT manifestation and Sigmoid Sinus Thrombosis secondary to mastoiditis. Following a death from an ingested battery button, Dr Burns is working with Emergency Medicine colleagues to produce position statements which can be used to lobby for improved regulation on the battery safety. With an interest in teaching, an annual paediatric workshop has been developed. This uses live animal and high fidelity simulation to teach safe paediatric airway techniques to ENT trainees and fellows and is the first of its kind in Australia. This will run for a 5th year in 2015. Dr Burns is a member of the LCCH multidisciplinary vascular anomaly team, and a founding member of the newly initiated Australasian Vascular Anomaly Network. She will attend the International Society for the study of Vascular Anomalies meeting this year in Amsterdam. She is also an active member of ASOHNS and ANZSPO and attends meetings regularly in Europe and the USA.

Bill Kahler

Dr Bill Kahler

Bill maintains a full time specialist private practice restricted to Endodontics in Brisbane and Toowoomba. He works in a dedicated trauma clinic at Metro South for Queensland Health. In addition, Bill holds an honorary Associate Professor title at the University of Queensland. He graduated DClinDent (Endo) from the University of Adelaide and has a PhD from the University of Sydney as well as numerous Fellowships.

Bill has published more than 50 papers in international dental, material science and engineering journals. His papers are cited as reference texts by the American Association of Endodontists and the International Association of Dental Traumatology for the treatment of dental trauma and regenerative endodontic procedures. Bill is a contributing author for book chapters on endodontic outcomes, dental trauma, and clinical regenerative endodontics including the Textbook and Color Atlas of Traumatic Injuries to the Teeth. Bill is an invited member of the ‘Regenerative endodontic translational research group’ at New York University. He has lectured extensively nationally and internationally and has research collaborations in all six continents. Bill also volunteers in remote aboriginal clinics as a general dentist.

Mike Foley

Dr Mike Foley

Michael graduated from the University of Queensland in 1982. He is currently the Director of Research and Advocacy for Metro North Oral Health Services after spending six years as Director of Brisbane Dental Hospital. Michael holds Masters degrees in Public Health and Epidemiology, and is currently studying for a PhD in dental public health through the University of Adelaide. He was ADAQ President in 2005 and has been involved in water fluoridation advocacy for many years.

Desmond Ong

Dr Desmond Ong

BDSc (Hons), MDSc (Ortho), MOrthRCS (Ed), MRACDS (Ortho)
Desmond Ong is currently a Clinical Academic in the Discipline of Orthodontics at the University of Queensland School of Dentistry, where he is involved in both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Orthodontic Programs.

Desmond is also in full-time specialist orthodontic private practice in Townsville.

Desmond received the Raj Prasad Award from the Australian Society of Orthodontists (SA) in 2016 and is a past winner of the Young Lecturer Award from the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons.

Julie Cichero

Dr Julie Cichero

Dr Julie Cichero is a speech pathologist internationally recognized for her work in the field of feeding and swallowing disorders. For 26 years Julie has worked clinically and conducted research into dysphagia from infancy to old age in a range of public and private health settings. Julie is an Adjunct Professor with the School of Clinical Sciences (QUT), an Honorary Senior Fellow with the School of Pharmacy (UQ), and an affiliate with the Schools of Chemical Engineering and Food Technology at UQ. She provides specialist lectures for the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Julie is an invited international speaker to speech pathology, dietetic, medical, nursing and pharmacy conferences. She is a reviewer for 26 international journals in diverse fields such as medicine, nursing, speech pathology, allied health, chemical engineering, acoustics, nutrition and food technology. She has published more than 48 journal articles and co-authored four books. Julie is co-chair for the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (www.iddsi.org).

Kathryn Elsworthy

Dr Kathryn Elsworthy

Kathryn Elsworthy (previously Plonka) is an Oral Health Therapist. She spent 10 years working for public services in Metro South where she was awarded a 5 year Health and Medical Research Fellowship. She completed her PhD in paediatric caries prevention from The University of Queensland in 2013. She is currently working as a researcher at The University of Queensland on the One Step Trial.

Mark Robertson

Mark Robertson

Mark Robertson is the Senior Clinical Researcher on the NIHR HTA FiCTION Trial at Dundee Dental Hospital & School. Mark completed his undergraduate dental training at the University of Dundee in 2012. Subsequently, he completed his one year Vocational Training post in Scotland before assuming a further year of training in Dumfries & Galloway. This was split between Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Public Dental Services; the latter providing care for Paediatric patients and those with significant physical and/or learning disabilities.

In late 2014, Mark obtained the Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgeons from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh before working as a senior trainee in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Throughout these postgraduate years, he developed an interest in research and its great importance in continually improving healthcare. Mark is currently based in Dundee, Scotland, as the Senior Clinical Researcher on a UK-wide randomised control trial. He also provides clinical care to paediatric patients and is involved in the teaching and clinical supervision of dental undergraduates. His MSc is based on the management of dental caries in children with learning disabilities using the Hall Technique.